Therapeutic Massage: Outcome based massage with the goal of reducing pain, resetting dysfunctional muscle patterns, and creating space in the joints. Techniques include trigger point, deep tissue, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, joint mobility and stretching. Please note that I do not offer full sessions of deep tissue work.

Energy Balancing Massage: Swedish massage strokes plus Reiki hand positions. I scan the energy field to detect inconsistencies and chakra health. Crystals and gemstones, sound therapy and warm towels may also be incorporated. I will send you home with suggestions on how to rebalance the chakras.

Integrated Massage: Your session will be customized drawing from a wide variety of bodywork and energy work techniques.

Sacred Lomi: Beautiful Hawaiian based healing bodywork which consists of body-length flowing strokes, joint mobility movements, breathwork, and ritual. I will encourage you to release sticky traumas that prevent you from experiencing your divine self. Because the strokes go underneath the body as well as on top, client is directly on the table vinyl and draping covers the swimsuit areas. Room is kept warm, and client is encouraged to refrain from eating 2 hours before session.

Reiki: Energy work performed over the clothes. I will position my hands over or gently on top of the body to channel Reiki energy to activate the body’s own innate healing response. To learn more about Reiki, please read

Comfort Touch: Gentle acupressure-based bodywork appropriate for the elderly, ill or injured or those who prefer to remain clothed during a session.

Intuitive Health Coaching: Insightful support to help you identify and implement the healthy lifestyle that works best for you!

15% off of total amount when you buy a package of 5 sessions (you can mix and match services).

Energy Balancing 75 Minute Session (Swedish massage plus energy healing) $85

Integrated Bodywork Session or Therapeutic Massage $75 or $105

Sacred Lomi 90 Minute Massage $105

Reiki 60 Minute Session $60

Health Coaching 6o Minute Session $50

Outcall service (home visits) are an extra $15.

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720 491-1603